Thursday, March 28, 2013

small celebrations

we have had some small celebrations around here. . .

 photo IMG_3894_zps0f1d907e.jpg
family date - treats at sweet frostings
 photo IMG_3928_zpsca65a021.jpg
special butterfly costumes here for birthday parties
 photo IMG_3997_zps3c5a4489.jpg
nothing better than my baby girl asleep on me
 photo IMG_3975_zps25831d48.jpg
happy birthday dr. seuss!
 photo IMG_3873_zps7622ef57.jpg
more family date . . .
 photo IMG_3922_zpsca120d78.jpg
celebrating soccer season starting again
 photo IMG_4039_zps205a8ff0.jpg
first sunshine day at the park
 photo IMG_3901_zps07951f3f.jpg
first spring sunshine walk

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