Wednesday, June 26, 2013

spring fun

it has been a crazy busy spring. . here is a little recap!
 photo IMG_4509_zps6c2a7339.jpg
miss kristin was the perfect teacher for emery! 

 photo IMG_4658_zpse710f05c.jpg
the boys tried lacrosse this spring
 photo DSC_0459_zps997f31cc.jpg
ending piano recital 
 photo DSC_0456_zps0303bbcc.jpg
so proud of the boys with piano
 photo photo_zps33f8e90c.jpg
best friends hanging at the river after lacrosse tournament in sandpoint
 photo IMG_4621_zps876da56f.jpg
fro yo fun after shopping for hoopfest uniforms
 photo IMG_4594_zpsf91a057d.jpg
these two are crazy
 photo IMG_4563_zpsdc264490.jpg

 photo IMG_4542_zps047e6b26.jpg
mother's day bbq with the hume twins
 photo IMG_4511_zpsde784a25.jpg
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happy birthday mel we love you!!!
 photo IMG_4492_zpsf043255c.jpg
 photo IMG_4510_zpsffb07eb0.jpg
end of school lunch with miss niki - we are going to miss her so much!

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