Sunday, September 8, 2013


the dates are going to be all off. .. since i am so behind on the blog.  but here we go trying to catch up!
 photo IMG_4805_zpsb6ac8df7.jpg
last day at Midway and last day of 4rth grade 
 photo IMG_4816_zpsd163abaa.jpg
favorite breakfast for last day of school! 
 photo IMG_4817_zps7a606fb2.jpg
lunch celebration! 
 photo DSC_0509_zps898710ae.jpg
Keagan loved track - District meet he competed in the 400, 200, relay, hurdles
 photo IMG_4704_zps55240f13.jpg
proud sister!
 photo IMG_4624_zps17daa57c.jpg
kinkade ran the 800, mile, and relay
 photo IMG_4696_zps30d7cc69.jpg
 photo IMG_4660_zpsdae067fb.jpg
dance recital prep
 photo DSC_0447_zpsd10150a1.jpg
lollipop dance 
 photo IMG_4781_zps3a92f7ce.jpg
gymnastics finale 
 photo IMG_4787_zps011de9e3.jpg
picked mavericks slurpee for her celebration 
 photo IMG_4818_zpsc09fa525.jpg
family slurpee cheers for beginning of summer!

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