Monday, October 14, 2013

First days - 5th, Kinder, Pre-K

to be very honest leaving the kid's schools was in the top five of hardest parts of moving.  especially the boys - they had an incredible group of friends, established positive sports teams, and a school that we all loved.  really their life could not have been better, filled with support, community and simply good people surrounding them.  it was a HUGE leap of faith to believe that they were going to be okay leaving and starting over.  here are the first day of school pictures from our apartment complex.  a very different first day of school, but i could not be more proud of how brave all four kids were and how they have dove in 100% to build a life here.  kids are extremely resilient and our prayer is that it will build character and confidence not ruin there life.
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 photo DSC_0635_zps157d5b59.jpg
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keagan had been really sick for a a full week but said he was okay to go to school.  you can see in his eyes he felt horrible. . well when i took him in the next day we found out he had pneumonia! 
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our shining star kindergartner!
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ummmmmmmm. .....who taught her this. . this kid?!?!?!?!?!?
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she is crazy and loves every minute of going to school!!!!


margo long said...

Thank you for the pictures. What a story you are writing. They are great!!!!!!!

Phoenix pre-k said...

That's true. Leaving school is not easy for kids. They have to leave their friends after all. But, these four kids are really good. They managed everything by themselves. Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures,Darcy. You are right about resilient kids. You and Aaron have already taught them to get up and keep going. The are so precious.