Wednesday, October 2, 2013

first portland adventures

soooooooo. . . . . we live in portland. . .  week one we decided to go for it!
 photo IMG_5363_zps391fc681.jpg
dad and keagan date to timbers game
 photo IMG_5461_zps0937fbe3.jpg
public transportation - the max 
 photo IMG_5376_zps45f4a609.jpg
voodoo donuts
 photo IMG_5433_zpsef2047fc.jpg
the zoo with the humes
 photo IMG_5432_zps7ff48ec0.jpg
more zoo
 photo IMG_5379_zps51107bcc.jpg
heading to voodoo donuts
 photo IMG_5380_zps0ddaf900.jpg
caught a good moment at the bookstore
 photo IMG_5467_zpsa221f354.jpg
 photo IMG_5466_zps858d79d6.jpg
 photo IMG_5471_zps1db69d79.jpg
best book store ever - Powells
 photo IMG_5494_zpsf698b8b4.jpg
korean bbq
 photo IMG_5477_zps6f16a28e.jpg
little big burger
 photo IMG_5493_zpsf42e086f.jpg
not my favorite adventure. . thankful for AAA
 photo IMG_5358_zps06ecd821.jpg
lots of time at papa and grandmas - girls loved it when grandma shared her makeup

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Darcy Webb said...

It looks like a lot of fun out there. I really would like to book a Fort McMurray hotel and take my family out there.