Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Seaside Soccer in the Sand

We had a wonderful weekend with friends at the Soccer in the Sand tournament in Seaside.  We stayed with the Ginthers in an incredible cabin and the boys loved playing soccer in the sand.  They played awesome all weekend and ended up second by one goal! We were proud of how hard they played and how much fun they had! Highlights were - big fathers day seafood boil, late night campfires, clam digging, and lots of soccer!
 photo DSC_0729_zpsd3cee3ea.jpg
 photo DSC_0718_zps7f65525b.jpg
 photo DSC_0713_zps05a85cbb.jpg
 photo DSC_0705_zps373f76c6.jpg
 photo IMG_8063_zps7dbfdcdc.jpg
 photo DSC_0736_zpsca09d4b4.jpg
 photo IMG_8083_zpseb25a26c.jpg
 photo IMG_8088_zpsefd62ffc.jpg
 photo DSC_0748_zpsd17c2f5d.jpg
 photo IMG_8093_zpsce7a292d.jpg
 photo IMG_8096_zpsba00d257.jpg
 photo IMG_8103_zpsea443cb6.jpg
 photo IMG_8095_zpsec385ab0.jpg
 photo DSC_0760_zps94f996df.jpg

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The Homemade Renegade said...

Such a bummer our boys' camp was shortened ;) Hope they had a great time! Love catching up on your blog and seeing your life in OR a bit. Hope lake time refreshed and rejuvenated the soul. Much love to you, Darc..... xoxo