Thursday, August 7, 2014

beginning of summer

the girls spent a week in Spokane with Grampy and Grammy and then we came to join them. . .
 photo DSC_0766_zpsda1d5713.jpg
new haircut, new soccer ball, new uniform
 photo IMG_8115_zpse26ef309.jpg
sushi date with the boys 
 photo IMG_8182_zps5193ee6d.jpg
mel and craig in the fountain
 photo IMG_8140_zps469b48f8.jpg
leo loving grammy's house
 photo IMG_8186_zps0b57befb.jpg
date with grampy and grammy in CDA 
 photo IMG_8191_zps705f706e.jpg
hot tubbing with friends
 photo IMG_8190_zps7f86d540.jpg
new goats in grammy's neighborhood
 photo IMG_8419_zps814171de.jpg
first night at the lake caught a huge fish
 photo IMG_8409_zpsf1c7127b.jpg
 photo IMG_8135_zpsf18ccf5f.jpg
awwww the lake. . . .. 
 photo IMG_8134_zps8e73a551.jpg
of course mead basketball camp to get ready for hoopfest

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