Thursday, April 26, 2007

Interview with Kinkade about adoption

I interviewed Kinkade about the adoption so he could share his feelings with our friends and family.

1. What are you most excited about adopting a new baby sister?
Kinkade - "I really like teaching people stuff."

2. Are you nervous about being a big brother?
Kinkade - "No, I love taking care of people."

3. When you pray for our new baby what do you talk to God about?
Kinkade - "Thank you for our baby."

4. What are you going to teach our new baby sister?
Kinkade - "I am going to teach my new sister how to play soccer and t-ball because I am on a real team."

5. Where would you like to take our new baby on her first family vacation?
Kinkade - "She would love Hawaii!"

6. What do you want to name her?
Kinkade - "I like Mirabelle."

7. How is our family going to change with a new baby?
Kinkade - "Mom can't read books as much she will have to feed the baby."

8. Is there anything you want Mommy and Daddy to tell her when we meet her for the first time?
Kinkade - "I think you should say this is a nice family and she won't be scared here."

9. What do you think she will like the best about being in the McMurray family?
Kinkade - "That we are so funny!"

10. How are you going to help?
Kinkade - "I am really good at feeding babies and our baby will probably even laugh when I feed her."


ryan & janny said...

So sweet!

lindsmurphy1 said...

I want to date Kinkade...he is such a sweet and gentle guy. What amazing boys you have!

Kelsey said...

too cute...Kinkade, what a heart you have!