Saturday, April 28, 2007

Immigration approval letter arrived today

We received exciting news today. Our approval letter, which we have been anxiously awaiting, arrived this afternoon. We will fax it to our adoption coordinator and can officially receive a referral. Sometime during the month of May our baby should be born and we will get a phone call, birth photos, and her medical records. We then will have a week to accept the baby and take her medical records to our pediatrician. Aaron and I will then book a flight to Guatemala as soon as possible to meet her and sign the Power of Attorney papers. Once the papers are signed the legal process will start rolling in Guatemala. Our baby will stay with us in Guatemala City until we come home. I imagine it will be heart wrenching to leave her in Guatemala after meeting her. Please pray for this last month of pregnancy and that God has taken care of the timing perfectly, orchestrating which baby girl will be part of our family. We are so excited to finally be to this point. I can't wait to finally meet her!

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