Monday, September 29, 2008

Fifteen, Fiesty, and Funny

Happy Fall . . . love LuLu. . .
So fun and feisty!

Loves to ride on this car with her brothers.

The many expressions of Miss Lucia . .

Cheering for her brothers goals at the soccer game.

Playing animals at Grammys.

Lucia is 15 months. . and is BURSTING WITH PERSONALITY! She is so funny and SO fiesty.
She bosses us all around all the time. She has somehow become the boss around here. Everything you ask her she says "NO" even if she means yes. She makes us laugh all day long and we can't imagine life without her. People cannot believe she walks and runs. . she is still so tiny, but she makes up for her size with her voice! We love you Lucia!


Anonymous said...

Happy 15th month birthday Lucia. Grandpa and I just cracked up looking at these pictures. You are so adorable. AND you have the best big brothers any girl could ask for. Give them a big hug for us today.

Love Grandma

Party of 5 said...

as darling! I miss seeing her! (and the boys too!)
Hope fall is going well for you guys!

Anonymous said...

15 months and fabulous!!!
Much love to all!

Terri Anne said...

Awwww.... what a sweetie!!

The gFamily said...

Love Lucia in her fall outfit and the pigtails and the fun expressions!

Happy 15 months Lucia!!

Jason & Shannon said...

She is so adorable! Happy 15 months! I love the pigtails!