Monday, September 1, 2008


We had the blessed opportunity to spend a week at Young Life's Malibu Club!

We shared a cabin with the Kuhn family. They have 4 awesome boys.

Of course the boys spent time at the beach collecting dead fish.
Keagan was thrilled with himself after completing the ropes course. I was so proud of the boys.
Ready for the ropes course. They were not afraid at all. I told them if they can do the ropes course Kindergarten will be a cinch.
Barley tall enough to do the ropes course. Just made it!

Kinkade so proud of himself for accomplishing the ropes course. It is 55 ft in the air. . . it truly is not easy.

There is always a dress up night at YL camp. Getting a good family picture is getting harder and harder.

I love this new kissy face Lucia does. She is full of kisses!

Singing at dinner.
Yl is notorious for skits and entertainment night. It was the boys favorite night of the week. They have been re-enacting the skits ever since. They performed 3 of them for Grampy today in the living room. It was so fun to watch them watch the skits and just be in hysterics.
Notice where Lucia is sitting. . . . front and center with the Program guys. Each YL camp has staff in charge of program all the fun and activities tons of music and dancing!
Ready for the boat races on the Green team.
Dad, Keagan and Lucia kayaking.

The hit of the whole week was the climbing wall. I'm not sure why but the boys spent the majority of their time climbing.

Christmas in August we sang Christmas songs and pretended it was snowing!

We have been gone the last 10 days on a Ministry vacation. Aaron worked for Young Life for 12 years and we had the most wonderful family opportunity to return to Young Life's amazing Malibu Club to serve for a week. Young Life is a ministry who reaches out to HS and middle school students but this was a unique week for Military families. Aaron spoke every night sharing the Gospel. It was a powerful week and we were blessed to serve these families who sacrifice so much for us. We did not see the sun all week it rained and rained but we made the very best of it.


Party of 5 said...

I love the pics....brings back memories of MY time at malibu!
What a fabulous opportunity for your family to get to go together and experience such a wonderful place. I thought the pic of Lucia on the stage was especially cute! What a ham!

whitney tampien said...

I love Malibu and the McMurrays!! :) Great pics... you could hardly even tell it was rainy weather in the pictures! I love the one of Lucia front and center with the program guys. She's already so gutsy!!

JeffandKatyRiddell said...

Ahhh...such an amazing place. So glad you got to spend some time there!! Hope you and the family are doing well.

The gFamily said...

YAY!! You are back!! I missed you! :)

What an amazing week of serving the Lord! That is awesome and it looks like you guys had the best time!! WOW, your kiddos are COURAGEOUS!! Seriously... kindergarten will be nothing! ;) Little Miss Lucy looks like she is pretty courageous herself, sitting up on stage!

I loved all the beautiful pics!!

The Boggs Family said...

Welcome back! :) What a full, fun summer you guys have had! These pics are amazing --- they totally capture what sounds like an awesome week! I love, love, love that one of you & sweet Lu together where you're wearing the cowboy hat - SO CUTE of you girls! I also love the pics of the boys after they just finished the ropes course; you can totally see the pride in their eyes & the feeling of accomplismhment mixed with a rush! :) Your family is so adorable. We miss you guys & are sorry our water park date never worked out... we'll do a chili feed or sledding adventure this Fall/winter, ok? :) Love to you all! ~Katie and fam

Terri Anne said...

How fun!! Brings me back to my 2 summers at the Young Life camp in Saranac Lake while I was in high school.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing that!
Fabulous and tell the boys they are GUTSY!!!!!!
(no need to tell Lucy...that's a given :)


Keith and Meghan said...

Malibu is THE BEST!!!! I'm so glad you all had such a great time :) Happy first week of school K&K! I think you are going to LOVE kindergarten!!!

Lindsay Murphy said...

My heaven. I would die to go back there some day! Lucy on the stage is just classic:)

Stacy said...

Oh, man! You were basically in my backyard. We live just a few minutes from Malibu. Sorry no sun. It was hiding. It's usually amazing. I'm so glad to see that you all had such a fun time as a family. Your kids are brave like mine : )

Joey_Veltkamp said...

Oh! I never went to Malibu -- I feel like I totally missed out!

Your blog is great -- so are the family pics.