Monday, November 17, 2008

The Boys turned 6!

The boys had an amazing Birthday! We had the party at the YMCA with rock climbing, basketball, swimming and of course pizza and cake. They could barley control their excitement!

They got full Seahawks uniforms and of course had to wear them to their party.

It was hysterical watching Lucia chase the kids in the pool. She loves the water!
Keagan and Daddy down the slide!

Two of my favorite people in the world. Thanks KayC. and Colleen for staying and chatting! It made my day!
Josh and Lucia's boyfriend Owen .

Miss Lucia enjoying the party.
The climbing wall was once again a hit.
Snuggling with Daddy in the pool.
I thought I was being mom of the year and honoring the boys individualism by each year making sure we had two separate fancy cakes that each one chose a theme for. Well this year months before their B-day they say to me one day at Breakfast, "Mom, why do we always have to have two cakes that are so fancy?"
"We want one Star Wars cake that is big and flat from like Albertsons or Costco."
DONE! What do I know about raising twins?????????????


Adam, Cary and AJ said...

What an awesome party!! The boys should definitely try out for the Hawks next year, they're already geared up and...the Seahawks NEED some help! I can't believe what little men they are now!! Always love to see that little girl, there's nothing cuter than little girl swimsuits!

The Boggs Family said...

Wow, what a fun idea for a birthday party! You guys seriously think of the best stuff --- and, loved your comments with the pics and the fact that the boys just wanted to share one, big flat cake! :) Man, how ideal is that when you're plannin' a party? :) hahaha. You guys are such a great family.

Keith and Meghan said...

Sounds like an awesome party! Man, I wish I was 6! Happy birthday boys :)

Kay C. said...

ok, i am horrible about posting comments, but I still check your blog religiously and always find a smile on my face when I see a new post. ;-) what a fun birthday party and thanks for including the girls. I loved the "chit-chat" time with you and colleen too...wish we could do that more often. xo

Stacy said...

Happy birthday, boys!!!
I can tell you had a blast at your party. Your YMCA looks amazing!

I love seeing Lucia's smilin' face!
She's the cutest little fishy in the pool!

Have a great day,

whitney tampien said...

They're not 6... NO WAY!!! I still can't believe that! I love the picture of all the kids flexing in the pool, and then, oh wait, is that Aaron in the middle?! :) So classic. And I'm still a little confused why anyone would rather have 1 cake than 2, but I guess that's me. :) No, I think it's sweet that they wanted to share. Your boys are so thoughtful.

Tom said...

loved the party and the chat! you have such a great family darcy. What sweet boys Keagan and Kincaid are...and of course, miss Lucy melts my heart.....

Anonymous said...

Love the 6 year olds - WOW!
Twins are just like that ;)

The gFamily said...

What a fun party!!! Happy birthday guys!! Our boys are so close in age. Grant turns 6 in a couple weeks!

I love the pic of Lucia and her daddy snuggling in the pool! SO precious!

Lindsay Murphy said...

What a fun party! I think I'm going to have a pool party this year:) I miss those days! Lucy looks like she loves the water. I can't wait to see her go off the dock!! Happy Birthday boys!!!

ryan & janny said...

i'm rsvping for next year. i'm not missing another one! can't wait to see you guys!!'s so soon now!!