Saturday, November 22, 2008

We are thankful

Here we are last Thanksgiving the whole family in Guatemala visiting Lucia. This was the first time the boys met Lucia, and our first picture as a family. We all looked through the pictures of the trip this morning. It was the most wonderful time. . . blessed in every way. It goes down as my favorite vacation of all time. We have started a savings account to go back to Guatemala for Thanksgiving. I will have to do another post of some of my favorite pics of the trip. Keagan's first glance of Lucia. I just adore her Foster Mommy Debora we have kept in contact all year through e-mail and a couple phone calls. He was so struck by her and still says almost every day how cute she is.
I asked the family what they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving 2008. . . .

Kinkade - my family, animals, my president, sports, all the fun we have in our family

Keagan - new basketball team, my sister climbs on me, my family, going to school, learning how to read

Lucia - tic tacs, water, mama, daddy, kittys, hot tub, babies, balls, books, all animal sounds,
these are all the words lucia says everyday in order from the most heard! Yes I believe Lucia is most thankful for Tic Tacs. . . she loves them and asks for them all day.

Mama - My family, My faith, Christmas time, good health, our warm home, Chai lattes, long lasting friendships, our church, our baby girl is home with us this Thanksgiving, Janny and Ryan coming home!

Daddy - Gonzaga Basketball, New job at Whitworth University, my cute wife, my hilarious kids who fill our house with chaos . . laughter. . .and fun


Party of 5 said...

Love hearing your 'thankful' list.....
your family is so great!

The gFamily said...

What a great list! There is SO much to be thankful for!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Our family is thankful for yours!
Much love!
P and P