Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008

Lucia was a Ladybug for her Kindermusik party! The cutest little bug I have ever seen!

Yes, somehow this year the whole family was roped into being Star Wars characters!!!!

Grampy is Big Bird every year. . . the boys were scared at this age . . . Lucia is not scared of anything.
Here is the tiniest Princess Leah you have ever seen. She got so much attention. The boys picked out her costume and LOVED that she was Star Wars too.

Grammy had been keeping it a secret what her costume was. We opened the door and there was YODA!
Trick or Treating at Grampy and Grammy's house.

It was a full day filled with lots of parties and fun! Dad and Mom were exhausted by the end and gearing up for the big Birthday the next day! Pictures for K&K birthday coming soon! It always feels like the Grand Finale of the Fall around here after Halloween and Birthday!


The gFamily said...

The Star Wars theme was awesome! I showed my boys and hubby, and they thought it was great! And grandma as Yoda put it over the top fun!

whitney tampien said...

Yay! I was anxiously awaiting the McMurray Halloween pictures! Happy late birthday to the boys... I can't believe they're 6 already. CRAZY!!!!

jonesfamily said...

So fun! I love the costumes. Glad you had a good weekend!


Jason & Shannon said...

Very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the star wars family! your family has such a great spirit! we love you all--meghan

ryan & janny said... cute!!

Chaffin Family said...

Hello this is Kim Chaffin (Stefanie Hattenburgs step sister and I met you at the young life prayer things at our house) I love to keep an eye on your blog and see how your kids are changing. Your mom spoke at our church earlier in the year and she talked about your new bundle of joy. Your mom was so proud of her new grand baby. I hope all is well with you and your family. God's blessings, Kim

Lindsay Murphy said...

Definitely the cutest little lady bug in town! I was waiting to see the infamous Star Wars halloween pics...they lived up to the hype! Hope you are doing well. Let's do a Chang's dinner soon k.

Maria said...

Hi friend! :-) Lucia is growing up so fast! I can hardly get over it. Greg and I were just looking at old picture of Gabriel and realize how fast time is going by. I am cherishing it to the max!!

Adam, Cary and AJ said...

You guys need to go to a Star Wars convention!! Those costumes are AWESOME. Lucia is the cutest Princess Lea ever!! And the boys have killer light-saber skills, I can tell!!!