Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day at the McMurrays

We took the boys on a special last Hooray before the baby weekend! It was a Valentines surprise and we wanted to have some intentional big brother conversations before a newborn is in our house. We went for the night to CDA Idaho to a hotel that has a water park connected. But the big hit in CDA is always Red Lobster the boys all time favorite restaurant. . because they LOVE crab legs especially cracking them. They have crab legs on the kids menu! Lucia in her Valentines outfit. . although she has been wearing Valentines outfits for the last 2 weeks since she has the best hand-me-downs on the planet from Anna and Quincy. This is the same Valentines sweater she wore last year at 8 months old. She is so tiny.
Here are the boys at the water park. they They were brave enough to go down all the slides this time.
I had a great time helping at the boys Kinder Valentines party. It was very organized and elaborate. Crown and necklace made for me and waiting at the pre-valentine party meeting for the helpers. Kinkade at the party. Keagan at the party. I overheard the sweetest twin brother conversation during the party. They both had made a special secret valentine for each other. Right when they got their bags to open they dug through to find the one from their brother and then raced to each other -
Keagan said, "This is my very favorite valentine I got."
Kinkade replied, "This is the best valentine I have ever gotten Keagan!"
Kinkade and Keagan worked for 2 weeks prior to the party making handmade valentines for each classmate all 20 of them. They worked so hard and they spent hours and hours making each one special and unique. I was so proud of their persistence and all thoughtfulness.

Hope everyone had a special Valentines Day with their family. It wasn't our most romantic Valentines Day but one of the most meaningful with the family. We are off to a big Valentines Dinner at Grammy and Grampys to finish the weekend festivities and we all know Grammy goes all out for Holidays. Now I know I said the next post would be a baby post but if you look closely you can see in the pics of me and the boys there is a sneak peak of my tummy. I am waiting to scan the ultra-sound pictures and we don't have a scanner, and we have our 31 week appoinment and another ultrasound this coming Friday to scedule the c-section. So the post is still in the works and it will have the most current information. Stay tuned. . . .


The gFamily said...

I love the conversation between your boys! Those are times to be cherished! There is such love between them! I love it!!

It sounds like a very fun Valentines weekend! I can't believe it is so close to BABY time!! So exciting!!!

Keith and Meghan said...

I think that is so special that they hand made all their classmates cards! I have one student do that, and secretly it was my favorite card :) Glad you had such a fun family day of LOVE!

The Boggs Family said...

Darc, I can't believe how close it is til her arrival! You look absolutely beautiful & these pictures are darling. What a fantastic idea to have a quality "big brother/boys" weekend as a family. Love you all so much & am thankful for the updates and your friendship in our lives. Praying for you! (Truly, we pray for your pregnancy & the little one- every night when we do prayers with the kids.) :) Love you!

Don & Jody Edwards said...

Darcy, I can't believe that it is almost time for the new baby:) I love reading your blog about your family. You are very inspiring!

Lindsay Murphy said...

Sounds like you had a great V-day! I can't wait to see baby/tummy pics...not too much longer. So exciting!!