Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Baby. . . almost 32 weeks!

So here is a profile pic of our baby girl. It is from the 20 week ultrasound b/c this last ultrasound last Friday she was moving so much we could not get a good pic except of her fuzzy hair. I could not believe it she has sticky up fuzzy hair already. We are dying to know the color. Red like Keagans, brown like Kinkades and Daddys, black like mommy's and Lucias or blonde like cousins and Grandma's hair. Maybe someday they will have ultrasounds in color prob. by the time Whitney has babies yes I said babies b/c whit is going to have twins!!!!! I just know it and can't wait!

The pregnancy is going perfectly we can't believe it. God made a McMurray baby it is so incredible. I am almost 32 weeks this coming Wednesday. I am finally not throwing up anymore which is really awesome. .although I was kind of just getting used to throwing up everyday as part of the routine. I am very uncomfortable and tired but there is light at the end of the tunnel. This baby moves ALL the time. People from across the room can watch my stomach move all over the place. Our doctor thinks it is so evident because I was so big with the boys that I am super stretchy and can feel everything. Mmmmmmmm . . that might explain the "never wear a bikini again stomach" if you are a close friend you know our fond nickname for my really ugly stomach after the twins:)

We have the c-section scheduled for April 15th at 7:15 am! I was so excited because I chose her Birthday on the 15th b/c #15 is the best number in the whole world. I was number #15 every team I ever played on since I was little, and I of course was #15 when we were state champs, and June 15th is my birthday. So I was thrilled. . . .until I started telling people and this is what I heard almost every time "Oh TAX DAY!"
So now we are in a dilemma I am not excited about her birthday anymore b/c I do not want her to hear the rest of her life . . .oh tax day!! No offense but it is mostly men who have said this to me. Is she going to hear this for the rest of her life. . when I could of picked any date during that week. I was so proud of myself now I feel bad. Now I know most people don't pick the Birthday of their child you get what you get. . but their is nothing traditional about the way McMurrays add babies to their families. Help me on this issue should we change the date?

I keep getting asked if we are still overwhelmed . . . . um YES! But I know with my whole heart God has an amazing plan in all of this. Clean ears, and cut finger and toe nails are really stressing me out. 10 ears to keep clean (aaron is responsible for his own.) Okay this might seem weird but when I taught First grade it totally grossed me out when I was reading with kids and they had waxy yucky ears. 50 fingernails to keep cut and clean and 50 toenails to keep cut and clean. Long fingernails with dirt are so yuck! Oh and the milk we already go through about 4-5 gallons a week. I am also really nervous about nursing with the most active toddler on the planet trashing the house! We are going to be okay I really do know this but 4 kids. . . YIKES it still totally freaks me out.

The ultrasound said she is 4.6 pounds at this point in the 71st percentile. I think she has already passed up Lucia in the womb:) I have gotten the question where is this baby going to go in your house. . am I doing a new nursery? No Way as Lucia would say. She is going to share the nursery with Lucia. . .. another fun vintage painted crib! The only thing I am worried about is sharing the closet. . . Lucia has it jammed packed! The closet might be an issue as long as they share a room. The boys share a closet and I have never thought twice about it infact we are adding shelves to it b/c there is barley anything hanging.

Okay the really fun question NAMES. . . . ???????? We have our list but have not decided. We have decided on the middle name but it is a secret. It is a family name we love and goes really well with all of our choices. We have used family names for all the kids and Aaron and I have family names for our middle name. We will wait to meet her before we decide just like the boys and Lucia. Maybe I will post our list soon . . and maybe not.

Cute litte foot pic!

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss it is a girl! I had her check again this last Friday. Still a girl!
I know I did not post any belly shots. Getting my picture taken is just not my favorite thing at this point. I don't feel cute. But I will post some soon I promise. Check back in for the belly! Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the Birthday issue - Favorite number vs. Tax Day! I know the favorite number thing is silly. . . . once an athlete always an athlete although I can't run a block or jump an inch anymore.


Anonymous said...

Of Coarse you keep that date! For those who don't like the "Tax" date for no so good reasons, well now they have a reason to like it!! Congratulations again.

colleen flanigan said...

Love this post!!!! I am getting SO excited for you and as far as the date....gosh...I really have no good advice. Personally I think that since the 15th has significance to you that you should just go for it. And another thing to remember is that you could fret and worry about the date, and then little "miss mcmurray" could decide that she wants to come out early and all of that worrying will have been for nothing!
Im glad the barfing is over!
Hugs! colleen
ps. can I have your boys over some afternoon to play???

Smith Family said...

I think you should stick with the date! Tax day didn't even cross my mind when I saw it written. My kids both choose #4 for all their sports teams because it was Guy's number when he played soccer. So I'm with you, lucky #15 is my vote. Thanks for the updates, it's so fun to see how you are doing!

Kay C. said...

i wouldn't think twice about the tax deal. really. I think the #15has much more meaning to you and I would just go with it. Plus, her husband will never forget her birthday or have an excuse to forget her birthday since if falls on a memorable date! ha!
I love you and your honesty...all is going to come together just as God planned for you and your family. love you, kc

Ingrid said...

I didn't even think about the 15th being tax day when you first mentioned it. I say go with your first instinct. My bday is July 15th and wedding anniversary is Aug 15th...a great number and a great day!

Emilie said...

I never realized the tax day connection until you mentioned it...then I thought, Hmm, I thought taxes were on the 14th. SOoo, I think you should keep the 15th. It's important to you, her hubby will never forget her b-day, and she's already going to be one up on me...she'll know when her taxes are due:) What an exciting time in your life! I wish your family the best!

The Tampiens said...

Thanks for the twins shout-out... I really do hope I have twins, just not for another 5 years or so! :)

Okay, now I feel terrible for saying the tax day comment!! The only reason I even knew that is because my friend Leah's birthday is on that day, and she always said that. I promise that's the only reason it even came out of my mouth! I think April 15th is an awesome day!! :)

P.S. Belly pics -- you promised!! I am all the way across the world, and the one thing I was bummed about in coming here was not being able to see your cute baby belly! You are ALWAYS cute, even if you don't feel like it!!!!

Anonymous said...

My birthday is April 15th and yes, it is tax day but honestly, I hear it less and less as the years go by. Go for it...I love my April 15th birthday! And so will your daughter! ;)

Elizabeth said...

I am so excited for you! I think you should keep the date. It will help her to remember to always focus on all the numerous positive things in life and not the one not so positive. Plus, her husband will remember it and if they get a refund she can celebrate all the more!!!

Pat and Patty said...

And go with your gut the 15th is perfect - she will be a superstar to all (because she is her mother's number AND becuase now people will look forward to the 15th!) I know I will!!

All is right with the world and I agree ONE of my kids is going to get twins!!!

Much love

The gFamily said...

Yes, keep the date!! It's important to you! Most people are done with their taxes long before that date anyway!

I can't believe you are already 32 weeks! It has gone very quickly.... for me!! ;) I can relate to the stretched out belly. I may not have carried twins, but I carried an almost 10 pound baby and he did enough damage!! :) We wouldn't trade it for anything, would we!! I sure can't wait to meet this already very blessed baby via blog land!! You are going to be an amazing mommy to 4 kiddos!

Kelly Hallissey said...

I didn't think tax day at all, but did think it was great how happy you were for the ability to "pick" her bday. Go for it! BTW, my bday is 5/15. :)

mmsnyder said...

Stick with the 15th :) because if you don't every April 15th we would all be saying... today was supposed to be (insert mcmurray baby name here) birthday... ;) Congrats and can't wait to see belly pics too!!

PS... I love the shout out to whit about twins... my sis and i always used to fight over who would have the twins. ha! we'll just have to wait and see... but it would be whit though, huh?!

The Boggs Family said...

How exciting! Loved the pics & reading about everything...

As for the scheduled c-section. I'm with everyon else- April 15th sounds awesome! Plus, it's a Wednesday, and I'm a particular fan of going in for labor on Wednesdays... ;)

BUT, if you feel like the tax day plague would forever bother you, then I'd switch it. The 12th sounds pretty for a girl to have, don't you think? hahaha

Love you guys & love the joy you have in your family & the way you make us laugh. Hugs!!!

bri said...

just in case you haven't decided yet...I say keep the 15th! how many people actually pay it on the 15th anyways?!! I thought your post about having one of the boys jerseys as #15 was so sweet...keep it keep it!! xoxo

Lindsay Murphy said...

So exciting! I am also glad to hear that you aren't throwing up anymore...that's the best news ever! I can't wait to meet this little girl. I miss sharing a room with my sis. They will have so much fun together! I ran into Ryan & Janny last night at a wedding. They are so sweet and just love you and Aaron so much (who doesn't). I would love to see you soon and I know that Reece is dying to meet the boys and Lucy!

Pineapple Princess said...

Keep the day, for sure! You'll always wish you had.

I am praying you all the way to the finish line (April 15th!). I am so excited for the day when we get to "meet" her through your blog.

What an amazing thing our God has done!!! :)

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

I'll be the millionth to say it, but keep the 15th. My brother was born on the 15th of April and I've always had great associations with the day. Heck, if it is "tax day", why not make it a birthday instead. You'll change the association (if there was one) for all family and friends!

I am so excited for you guys, Darcy!. Four is the best (in my opinion) and it will be SO worth in the end, even if it's madness for now!

I relate to the ugly & the baby movement thing. I haven't been sleeping well lately because of all the kicking (and recently the swelling - it's great - grrr). Love to you & hopefully we'll see you at church soon!

Keith and Meghan said...

My sister's birthday is APril 14th and she gets the tax thing said too---I think people are just silly :) I mean, what's the big deal? I'd stick with the favorite number. I liked the comment about getting a tax refund---a perfect excuse to spend a little extra on her special day every year! Loved the update---hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

i've been thinking about you all lately and can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going (for me)!!! definately keep the date--taxes should be done for everyone in time to celebrate and what better reason than the birthday of a mcmurray girl?! love you lots--meghan