Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Forever Family Celebration Dinner

My Mom ordered and made a fabulous authentic Guatemalan dinner for Lucia's Forever Family Dinner. Here she is in her Guatemalan dress that was her special gift this year. When we traveled to Guatemala I collected 18 small gifts for her for each year on her Forever Family Day . This is her new smile for the camera. . . so hilarious!
Daddy and Lucia singing "Happy Forever Family Day!"
She loved the singing but kept yelling "No Way!" throughout the song. We have moved from "No," to "No way" now.
Somebody please help me raise girls I think I am failing miserably and there is another one on the way.

The boys new favorite dessert Tres Leches cake it has become the family favorite. It is a hit! I think I might end up making it for every ones Birthday.

Grammy always sets such a pretty table.
Okay for those of you who have been asking for baby details and a belly post it is in the works and next. . . .


The gFamily said...

What a great smile!! The table is beautiful! Happy Forever Family day to your whole family!!

I can't wait for belly pics and an update on the baby!! YAY!!

mmsnyder said...

I can't believe it's already been a year! Happy Forever Family day to Lucia! :) Looking forward to your next post!!

Pineapple Princess said...

Happy F.F.Day! I love the way you guys celebrate!

Can't wait for your next update, too! :)

The Tampiens said...

Lucia's new camera smile is HILARIOUS!! I love it. Beau started doing one like that too for pictures. Did Keagan lose another tooth?! It kinda looked like it in the picture. Can't wait for the belly post!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Nicole said...

Your family is soooo beautiful! And the boys are justified in LOVING the Tres Leches cake. Yummmm!!!

Brianna Cooper said...

Darc that is the coolest idea to get her 18 different gifts from Guatemala!