Tuesday, April 28, 2009

where can you find the mcmurray kids this spring?

Oh yes. . where is Lucia smelling the flowers with her toothbrush. She is a toothbrush theif. We all have to hide our toothbrushes or she steals them and hides them. We think she has a secret stash somewhere. Aaron at one point brought in 4 toothbrushes from the car that had been missing.
Could not find Lucia anywhere. . oh I see something cute in that tub. . . And then a big yell "Peek-a-boo!"
You can find Emery Pearl sleeping in various locations all around the house. . and I keep finding her with stuffed animals laying beside her. The boys and Lucia think she needs some company.

This is what you get when you have twin brothers. . .you get to sleep with large stuffed snakes.

We got a new amazing HOOP! Grampy and Grammy got it for our family. They got a great deal from a friend that is moving. It is bigger than our house. . but we love it. You can find Keagan out there 24-7! He is a hoopster! You can find Kinkade Trevor on his pogo stick. He broke his own record and now is at 218 jumps in a row. He is the family pogo stick champion!


Keith and Meghan said...

Keith can relate to the pogo-stick champion...fond childhood memories. So Marissa said she has been keeping the McMurrays caffeinated. 4 kids = more coffee??? Looks like you're loving life with all those cute kids :)

The gFamily said...

Oh my! Cute, cute pics! Lucia cracks me up! Like Kinkade, I too, loved my pogo stick as a kid! As always, they all look so happy! Your kids are great!