Monday, April 20, 2009

Yeah Kinkade!

Kinkade earned is orange belt two weekends ago! We are so proud of him. He is taking Taekwondo by himself. Keagan started with him and made it to yellow belt then chose to do piano instead. We wanted both boys to try it and made the goal for them to get to yellow belt then they could decide to continue or not. This is the very first time either Kinkade or Keagan has been brave enough to do an activity alone. Kinkade is loving every minute! He is so proud of himself and comes home and teaches his siblings everything he is learning . . you should see Lucia it is too cute! He had to run and jump and break a board to earn his orange belt - it was so cool!


ryan & janny said...

...that is so cool!! We love you Kinkade!! We want to come to the next ceremony!! I can't believe you broke a board!! Can you teach Ryan to do that?!!
love you!!
ryan & janny

The gFamily said...

Congrats, Kinkade! That is quite an accomplishment!! Way to go, buddy!

Lindsay Murphy said...

YAY Kinkade! That is so awesome. Please tell him that he is my hero...martial arts is so hard. Miss you guys. I can't wait to see baby Emery when I get back!!

Pat and Patty said...

Hip, Hip Hooray for you Kinkade!!! Way to go!
We are soooooooo proud of him!
P and P

Anonymous said...

We think you are so great Kinkade! Congratulations! We will remind Lauren to look at your picture. It will be fun to see you do some moves when you come to Salem in June. Itis amazing that you broke a board!

Love to all of you.
Grandma and Grandpa

jonesfamily said...

That is awesome Kinkade! I am really impressed! Next time I see you I would love to see some of your skills!!!