Sunday, April 26, 2009

emery pearl 4 weeks

Dear Sweet Emery,
Life is crazy with four kids under 6 but I wouldn't change it for anything. You are such a precious surprise gift from God and we ALL adore you. The family is constantly fighting
over who gets to hold you next. You are a great eater and SLEEPER. We joke you got the McMurray Memo that you have to sleep to be in this family:) At three weeks you started only waking up once a night. .. YIPPEE! We had your doctors appointment and you are growing perfectly and now weigh 8 lbs. 3 oz. and are 21.5 inches long. Here are some current pictures at four weeks. We love you Emery Pearl.
My dear friend Meghan made this gorgeous quilt for Emery. She went to topstitch with her iphone and used the pictures off the blog to match the fabric. I had to get some pics of Emery with the quilt. I was blown away by her thoughfullness and talent!

I love yawning pics of babies. . . I sprint for my camera when she starts to yawn and I finally caught it on camera.
I adore this photo. . my passionate Keagan who loves his sisters with his whole passionate heart.

Daddy and his tiny girl!


The Tampiens said...

She is so sweet, and looks so LITTLE in Aaron's arms! I am so anxious to meet her... please don't be surprised when I'm on your doorstep the second I get home. :)

P.S. You need to update the photo on your blog with all the McMurray feet now that there are two more!!

Susan said...

She is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Pat and Patty said...

ohhhh - I cried...still crying
Hugs to all