Friday, June 25, 2010

just me and my boys. . bye bye first grade:(

we had the very best start to summer ever! aaron had a business trip to portland so he took the girls with him and they spent a couple days with papa and grandma. i know, brave dad - a one year old and two year old on the plane by himself. . . but i guarantee he got lots of attention and help. everyone helps dads. . especially cute dads with cute girls:) so i got to start summer with only the boys!!! it was a blast and so special. i can't tell you how excited i was just to focus on them and not have a baby in my arms and a toddler hanging on me. we did every "big kid activity" we could think up. we spent the first day at silverwood and ate subway on the way there and panda express on the way home. . oh yeah then a quick stop at krispy kremes after panda express. i came home with a new love handle that i didn't leave the house with. we went down really fast steep slides for 3 hours and they both held my hands on the trek up to the slide each trip. i know i do not have many more years of hand holding with these boys so i savor it every time and do not take it for granted.
the next day we went downtown to eat at our favorite sandwich place on the planet then off to ride the ferris wheel and rollercoaster at the park. we came home went to the lake and they caught a turtle and named him "charl" no not charles . . just charl mom! they played with charl for hours and then put him back in his habitat. we came home in time to go to the movies. we saw karate kid and cuddled the whole time! it was amazing and we all loved it. i feel like i have been taking care of babies for the last two years and have not just got to enjoy my boys and do big kid stuff. i loved every minute! but we all missed our babies too and were so happy to see them when they got home.
this is keagan and kinkade on the last day of school they refused to smile b/c they were so sad that first grade was over. if the camera was turned my face looked worse. they had the most perfect year in every way. they literally ran and skipped to school each day and we had to hold them back until it was time to go. they learned so much and felt valued and loved each and every day!
here they are leaving the last time for first grade and of course lucia following close behind trying to go to school with them.
introducing mrs. mcquilkin the reason it was the best year ever. she is beautiful on the inside and outside. we all adored her. i could not buy her enough starbucks cards to thank her for all her hard work and the way she loved our boys each and every day. she is amazing and God created her in every way to be a first grade teacher!


The gFamily said...

Sometimes we have to leave those precious little girls behind to do some big kid stuff! We just did that, and I know the boys appreciated it and you are right, it's a nice break! Your boys will never forget the special time with mom! You are such a cool mom!

Anonymous said...

right now i have quincy to myself--shayden is in montana on a horse trip with yaya and auntie--we are missing him, but one on one time is a great experience. sounds like you had great two on one time with the boys! and i'm dying to know your favorite sandwich place?! --meghan