Monday, June 14, 2010

some spring catch up. . .

just a quick catch up post with some spring stuff. . . aaron coaching the boys!
emery picks up any phone now she sees and says in the funniest voice "hellloooooo!"

guess who wears a diaper and who doesn't . . tiny booty. . and saggy booty. . . . these girls love dirt way more than the boys ever did. every time they go outside they want to play in the dirt and water. not much difference in height:)
bye bye mrs. h. lucia had her last day of preschool and she misses it a lot. she had a great year and was so ready!
we had a fun park date with a young mom and her son lewis. i met angela through an amazing ministry younglives. lucia had a great time playing with lewis.
a few saturdays back we spent the morning in coeur d'alene idaho. the boys invited their best buddy connor.
emery is finally starting to enjoy swinging. i love this scrunchy face she makes when she is happy.
kinkade is the most tender sweet big brother on the planet. he is so amazing with his sisters and always willing to help. aaron and i were talking the other night that he is by far the most patient with lucia in the whole family. emery LOVES the water.

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