Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my birthday is the best day!

lucia turned three yesterday and told us all day "my birthday is the best day!" we woke her up with the whole family coming in her room and singing happy birthday! she was glowing and yelled "thank you it is my birthday!" then she came down to open gifts and blow out three candles on a maple bar! here she is keagan right after opening gifts. she was so excited about her gifts! i got her this little side table for her new cd player grammy got her for her room. i found it at the farm chicks show. it is soooooooooo darling. she totally understood presents this time around and was ecstatic with each one.

she always licks all the maple off and hands me the bar. . . .
then we were off to mobius the children's museum downtown. i took all four kiddos with me and they all loved it. these bikes are always a hit! she loves to stop at the traffic lights.
so this is how we found lucia all day singing to her new cd dad made her in her birthday skirt and NEW RED COWGIRL BOOTS! what sassy three year does not need red cowgirl boots! aaron made her a cd with all her favorite songs. . . . soul sister by train, fireflies by owl city, party in the usa by miley cyrus, and baby beluga by raffi. i'm not sure it was the best idea to get her something that amplifies her voice. it is already the loudest voice i've ever heard in my life.

love this picture!
our darling three year old!
we had grammy and grampy over for a guatemalan dinner and corn on the cob. . lucia's all time favorite food!and of course tres leches cake! nobody could read what it said except for kinkade. WE LOVE LUCIA! duh????
second blowing out the candles of the day!
we ended dinner with everyone saying what they loved best about having lucia in our family. . here is what the family said. . .
grammy - fun and laughter
daddy - all her sweet kisses and how many times a day she says "i love you." to all of us
mommy - she is the happiest human on the planet
keagan - loves that she is from guatemala
kinkade - loves her sass and joy!
grampy - lucia is very very sweet and nice!
then we took lucia to her first movie at the theatre toy story 3! she loved the movie but she loved the popcorn the most!
we had such a great day celebrating lucia! she loved every second and we love every second she has been in our family. we love you lucia so much! happy third birthday!


The Tampiens said...

Ummmmm... the cutest human on the planet! Ever!!! Happy birthday, beautiful Lucia!

Anonymous said...

soooo precious! i love the pic of her boots and hands--absolutely adorable!! -meghan

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Happy Birthday, Lucia! What a precious little girl. And I LOVE the cowboy boots. Can't wait for that w/ our little one ;).

The Liezen Family said...

What a fun day! It's hard to believe our girls are turning 3 already. I hope you are having a great summer, it looks like you are. Enjoy your kiddos!


Keith and Meghan said...

OH my gosh! What a fun and special day! I don't blame her for knowing it was the best day :) I'm super jealous of her new little table---I want one for my nursey SOOO BAD, it is absolutely perfect!

Anonymous said...

lucia, you're best!
...we love you!
-ryan & janny