Friday, January 14, 2011

i was totally wrong - GUSTO!

with everyone one of our kids i had mother's intuition from the very beginning and nailed their personality. i mean from the very beginning like praying for them before they were born and as newborns. i predicted and just knew. . . kinkade would be low maintenance, easy going and easy to laugh. i knew keagan would be fiery, passionate, scheduled, and charismatic. when praying for lucia God always gave me the word "joyful" from the moment we met her at 3 weeks old she had a BIG personality in a little itty bitty body and this still holds very true! i was right on with all of them except one. . . . little miss emery pearl i was completely 100% wrong! we named her emery pearl because the name just encompasses sweetness to me. i honestly thought i finally got a quiet, shy, sweet child who would have quiet tea parties, color for hours, and hide behind my leg when we meet people. not the case. . . . emery has turned out to be our LOUDEST, bravest, feistiest, funniest, most INDEPENDENT, strongest willed, opinionated child yet!!!! there is one word to describe her "GUSTO!" she does life with GUSTO! everything is head on, full speed, with NO FEAR! she is more energetic and demanding then twin boys were at this age. we joke that she did not get the mcmurray children memo in the womb. . . because she has broken all the rules already -
- mcmurray children sleep through the night at 9 weeks.
- mcmurray children are NOT picky eaters they eat what is served and are great eaters!
- mcmurray children do not scream in public places especially grocery stores. (i have to secretly confess that i could not believe it when children would scream "NO!" and "Mine!" in grocery stores and wondered what on earth those parents were doing. well. . fast forward to emery i am now that parent with the screaming child in the check out line.
- mcmurray children get along with each other and politely take turns. they do not hit, push, yell, grab and run away when they want something.
- mcmurray children start time-outs at age 3 not one and half.
- mcmurray children love books and will listen to them for hours.
- mcmurray children write on paper only not walls.
- mcmurray children keep car doors shut while driving on the freeway. . . .
- mcmurray children stay somewhat near their parents when they are out and about at least so they can see them. we never know where emery is. i think she is looking for a new family. all our friends have caught on to this. . .they know we are total chaos and need all the help we can get:)
-mcmurray children talk early and clearly . .. . emery has made up her own language that she only uses when she wants.
-mcmurray children keep the name their parents give them. emery tells everyone her name is abby.
don't get me wrong we adore her i think that is the problem she is spoiled rotten. the other day aaron said the reason she wakes up at night sometimes is we have always cuddled, rocked, and gotten her warm milk . . .aaron made the comment the other day "i would probably get her an egg nog latte at 2am if she asked." all under the premise she is our last baby. . . .. . .
i have broken all my baby rules on sleeping.
now i get the whole saying - "oh, the baby in the family."

so what is it with this little stinker . . . here are some of me most recent theories. . .
- she is spoiled by everyone in the family especially her big brothers.
- she came with this personality. . my new parenting philosophy - you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. . and you do the best you can!
- God needed to humble us in our parenting.
- she has mcmurray/long female genes which are independent, strong, feisty,opinionated and FUN!
- she is the fourth child and is trying to get someone to pay attention to her!
- she came sweet and we have ruined her.
emery pearl you are our miracle baby and we can't imagine life without you. you challenge me daily, make me laugh all the time, put me on my knees daily and will always be our pearl of a girl!
we ALL love you even when you scream at us:)


The Liezen Family said...

My theory is that parenting is HARD work! I loved reading this post. You write with such candor, and I feel like I've had some of those days with Abigail. She too is feisty and independent and I'm hoping this will bode well as she becomes an adult. I was thinking of Lucia today as we drove up Division and Abigail was crying, "I want a cupcake!" ....It was not a cupcake morning.

Jen said...

I don't have an advice, but one thing is for sure - Emery is one CUTE girl!! Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest, most descriptive and amazing blog yet. You have to put all of these into a book. Darcy you are a very talented author and describer of your children. Start looking for a publisher.
As for Emery, she is a total hoot. She will soon figure out the mcmurray way.

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Describing your children is a gift! We love reading what you write. I think you should think about a book and I hope you have everything that has ever been on the blog.

As for Emery, she is the cutest, and most independent little bug we've met in a long time. I know that you will figure out a way to tame her. She just has only other older people in her family. She sees no reason for her to be little.


The Boggs Family said...

Oh Darc --- this was a totally fun post... completely transparent & I loved a window into your parenting & the personalities of your kids. I've struggled with similar things... but in my case, it's 'cause I don't know what I'm doing in parenting & we are still working on our plan -- because so much of what we thought would work, hasn't. Yes, I think in part it comes down to our parenting & like you, it's not that I want to skirt around that responsibility (or maybe I do sometimes?! haha), but I also fully believe God gives us the children He does because their personalities stretch us, too. I think you guys are the epitome of such stellar, amazing parenting & your family rocks! Flat out, awesome- awesome-awesome & FUN! Just think; if Emery were that shy little girl who had quiet tea parties & hid behind your legs like cute little Bonnie in TS3 ;), she'd totally be left behind as the 4th... she HAS to be able to make a statement & let everyone know she may be the baby but she is every bit a part of the circle! ;) I LOVE your family & just think you guys are incredible. Hugs to you & Aaron & all your beautiful, darling kids!!
And p.s. Maybe she is your baby because God knew she would need all 5 of you guys to help tame the one of her! ;) She is one blessed little girl to be a part of the McMurray fam! :)

The gFamily said...

Hilarious! Yep, you needed to be humbled, especially if all of your other children never screamed in public!! LOL! ;) Our oldest completely humbled me!!! I am FOREVER changed! HA! You gotta love parenting! Emery is precious!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss the girls so much. I just went on the net and there they were. I love you all. I feel I have been away for years. I am so glad to home to such a sweet family. Kisses to you all. I love the blog.