Friday, January 21, 2011

i hear there is nothing like having a sister. . .

i have been thinking a lot about sisters lately. i have never had a sister. . so this whole thing is so new to me. having a sister seems complicated and beautiful all at the same time. these two girls cannot wait to see each other yet they are so feisty with each other. they squeal, giggle, yell, scream, laugh, chase, play quietly, grab, push! their relationship is so different from the boys. . . .maybe it is their age, their personalities, or twins are just plain different?????

the girls relationship seems so volatile and at the same time so sweet. i pray they love each other deeply and respect their differences and hopefully learn to appreciate their differences. as their relationship unfolds daily and changes yet stays the same in so many ways. . i commit to praying for their relationship and doing everything i can to cultivate a special loving bond and appreciation for each other. oh sisters!
here is a little sisters picture parade of some of my favorites!first picture together in the hospital. .
first easter together. . .


The Tampiens said...

I love this post and SISTERS!! So fun!

Keith and Meghan said...

It's pretty great having a sister! Those girls are so very blessed to have a friend each other forever. Marissa and I had seasons in life that we couldn't stand each other, but at the end of the day we loved each other. Now that we are both adults we really are friends, and it's pretty great to have a friend who has to love you (and does) on even your worst days :)

Nicole said...

i'v never had a sister either...and looking at your girls makes me wish i had one! it will be fun to see how they grow with each other!!

The gFamily said...

I have not one, but two sisters! I love having them both in my life and can't imagine life without them! We drove each other crazy growing up, but always loved each other and still do!

My boys are 22 months apart and fight SO much and most of the time it is physical. It breaks this momma's heart! But at the end of the day, they love each other. It seems that the older they get, the longer they play together with times of peace. Whew! There is hope! ;)

I love this post! You have 2 beautiful girls that will always have each other! Such a blessing!!!

Kay C. said...

oh I just can't stand it...they are adorable! What a treat to hold emery at church this morning and watch her giggle over and over again at her big sis (Lucia was pretending to sing on the stage!).

Sisters are so so special.

love you! xo

Pat and Patty said...

Sisters are the BEST! (so are twins :)
I have 2 of them and one of them and couldn't imagine my life without them!
I love that my daughters are sisters and love each other so unconditionally - the best!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

You are right about the sister bond being special. There is nothing better in the whole wide world than a sister! And I can say we did NOT have the best of relationships at all times growing up ;).

As much as I love the thought of boys, I am secretly hoping for another girl someday. Yeah for sisters. They are adorable!!!