Tuesday, January 11, 2011

pupcake date

nope it is not a typo. . . lucia has always called cupcakes . . ."pupcakes" it is one of those words that is too cute to correct. aaron and i have two big resolutions for 2011 or changes we want to make in how we do life as a family. i will write about the other in another post b/c it is heavy on my heart. one of the resolutions is to spend more time with the kids individually by going on one on one dates. we want to be more intentional about listening and conversation and simply to just spend special time with each one. we are off to a great start aaron has started friday breakfasts with Dad with the boys and has taken lucia on two great dates. i took lucia yesterday to a new cupcake store in spokane for a date! here she is with her cupcake! she chose the green one b/c it was so pretty then promptly asked after licking the frosting, "why is this whip cream so sour?"
i tried to explain the flavor lime.
her face is the most precious beautiful thing i have ever seen. this next picture is when she asked me to stop taking pictures and could we start the talking. when i asked what she wanted to talk about she said her dreams. . . . then she proceeded to tell me about a white bird dream.
we both loved the pink and brown striped walls on the outside of the building!
here's to many more special lulu dates!


The Boggs Family said...

She is simply too cute for words!! LOve all these new photos and especially love your resolution about the way you do family. Where is the new cupcake place in town? She is so cute to want to talk about dreams & that she remembers them!! (I know you posted about this quite a while back, but to this day, I still think she's the only toddler I know of who remembers-and-talks-about her dreams at night! How adorable!) Hope you guys are well... so glad your year is off to a terrific start!

Kay C. said...

I drive by this cute place every night on my way home, but have yet to stop in! I couldn't tell that it was going to be cute from the pink and brown stripes! I think the cupcake is as big as Lucia.

The one on one time/dates I have had with my girls is so precious - it's hard to find the time to do it and I only have 2! Way to go for fitting this in with 4! You are a wonderful momma. love you. kc

Nicole said...

i love celebrations cookies and pupcakes! such a good resolution for your family!

The Tampiens said...

Excuse me... the last picture?!? Darling, of course, but she's looking older and older every time I see her! I've been dying to try out that cupcake place -- it's so close to our house!

Anonymous said...

Love you so much sweet Lucia. We will not tell you about cupcakes and I wish you could come and make pupcakes with me sometime. That would be so fun.


The gFamily said...

What a fun date! I still can't get over how beautiful she is!! I'm glad you could share pupcakes and dreams! :)