Friday, April 15, 2011

family time on vacation

the best part of vacation is great family time. . . we walked to get donuts every morning . . . why doesn't our state have donut shops everywhere?. . .vacation for the mcmurrays = family, sun, beach and donuts!the kids loved the petting zoo.
the house had a fabulous roof top patio.
we had a fun dinner out at joe's crab house. . we all love crab legs and seafood especially the boys.
what a great trip. . i was once told it is called a vacation when you leave the kids at home and a trip when you take them. i completely agree. . . .YET it is all worth it for the memories and wonderful family time!

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Pineapple Princess said...

Oh, my gosh! Your kids are just scrumptious! Hope you've enjoyed your family time- It's the BEST, isn't it?!!
Dude, if you are ever in Southern Cali- look me up!!