Monday, April 11, 2011

spring break vacay - sea world!

we went to san clemente for spring break with grammy and grampy and had a blast. one of the highlights was Sea World for the day! we left emery to spend the day with grammy and grampy and took the three big kids and truly loved every minute. here is lucia ready for the 4D seseme street movie which was darling! there is a new ride journey to atlantis which is a must! you can barley see dad and kinkade in the back seat whizzing by! it was awesome!
movie time. . .
they have a whole section of little kids rides all seseme street. lucia was in heaven and the boys loved it too. . . . it is so great that the boys will do all the fast rides and still be happy with the little kid rides.
the exhibits are incredible all three kids couldn't get enough.
now this ride i could do without every time i get soaked!
i love the shows the very best - shamu, dolphins, sea lions we hit them all! they were incredible.
kinkade was lucia's personal tour guide. he is such a tender sweet big brother.
all the kids got to pick one stuffed animal. . my eight year old boys chose sweet turtles and dolphins to cuddle. . and my darling little three year old daughter chose plastic hammer head sharks and look at her face . . . i think this should be the opposite:)oh keagan. . .
love these boys and their excitement for life!
what a great day. . . i am going to be really bold and even make some people angry with me i love sea world way better then disneyland. i have been to both many times and always have so much more fun at sea world! we didn't even attempt disneyland this time. sea world is spectacular and so much fun for kids and adults. aaron and i for our honeymoon went to both and even at that time w/o kids liked sea world better.


the tampiens said...

We went to SeaWorld when I was in 4th grade and it was seriously the best thing EVER. The picture of Lucia with the shark toy cracks me up! So glad you guys got to have such a fun family spring break!!

Nicole said...

i totally laughed out loud when i saw Lucia's expression in that picture. love that girl.

Keith and Meghan said...

Sea world is the best! Nothing beats beautiful animals (not even people dressed up as giant mice!).