Sunday, April 10, 2011

emery is ALL two!

we celebrated emery's birthday before spring break. the day started with maple bars with candles a mcmurray tradition after she came downstairs to a new "cooking" kitchen. we ended the day with a small family dinner party. . . thai food and tres leches cake!
daddy put emery's new kitchen together it was quite the project. . . but turned out so cute. emery's has three favorite activities pretend cooking, babies and cuddling. she loves to cook! it has been the perfect gift she plays with it all day.
melodie lives with us and has formed a very special bond with emery. we realized awhile back that emery calls her honey. she loves honey and melodie is so great with emery. so sweet in this picture emery is reading the card melodie got her.
first glance at her new kitchen.
she was a little scared when dad brought her the maple bar with candles or more just really confused why dad was giving her a maple bar on fire.
this is the stinker face we see all of the time. . .this picture was taken the moment she just stole all of keagan's whip cream frosting from his cake.
i can honestly say i never knew the terrible twos until emery. the boys were so sweet at two years old and lucia was a little feisty but fun feisty. emery honestly does the opposite of what you are asking her to do. she runs and hides when you are looking for her or trying to get her dressed and then bursts out laughing. even lucia will say now, "oh man emery is such a little rascal." she can be such a stinker then turn around and be the sweetest little girl on the planet. she says constantly "cuddle one minute." she loves to cuddle and rock in the rocking chair. she has made our life chaotic and very interesting but we can't imagine life without emery pearl!
here is a list of emery's favorite things at two years old: dogs, YMCA, church (she yells yeah church when we drive up) cooking, babies, cuddling, rocking, books, counting, our cat murphy or any cat, buses, wrestling with dad, waking up lulu, harassing her brothers, swimming, playing outside, piggies (pigtails), fancy shoes, all bags and purses, of course milk!

we love you pearlie and can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you! thanks for making us laugh, humbling us as parents, and leading us to believe in miracles . . you will always be our miracle baby.


The Boggs Family said...

Happy Birthday Emery! :) What a cutiepie... great post! :) Miss you guys & enjoyed reading about - and picturing - life at the McMurray house these days! :)

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Yeah for Emery. Funny thing: we got Clara the exact same kitchen for her birthday, which is just a few weeks away ;). Can't believe our girls are two (or close)! She is darling.