Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day Spanish Preschool for Lucia!

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Lucia is going to Spanish Preschool this year. She will go 3x a week Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. It is complete Spanish Immersion and only 5 minutes from our house! Maestra Fanny is the sweetest woman you will ever meet and speaks the entire day in Spanish. . they sing in Spanish, dance in Spanish and learn in Spanish. Lucia was comfortable day one - in fact she loved it.
<span class=I love this picture it just captures her essence. she continues to be filled with JOY, now just with a little four year whining and tattling thrown in:)
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No need for a new backpack when you have the cutest owl back pack on the planet.
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We love you so much Lucia and pray you have a fabulous year in Spanish Preschool - we are so grateful for this opportunity. Your birth mother had a dream for you that you would get a great education and be able to go to school. .. . we are doing our very best to make her dreams come true for you!


ryan & janny said...

Yay for Spanish Preschool!!! :) ...I want to go with you!! Love you Lucia!!! :)

Pat and Patty said...

WOW so exciting! + she is so stinking cute she makes my eyes hurt :) In a good way.
Hugs to all