Friday, September 16, 2011

"i'm a big girl mommy!"

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i hear this statement from emery all day long. so when the other three were off to school this year emery was devastated. lucia's preschool teacher said we would love for emery to come if she is potty-trained - which of course she is, since she is the most independent child alive - she potty trained herself right before her second birthday.
we were torn about the decision to let her join lucia at preschool, mainly because she is our baby and has the rest of her life to go to school. we also feel strongly that lucia needs to have big girl activities of her own. so we compromised and said she could go on friday mornings with lucia since she is so ready.
i love this first picture of the pigtails and backpacks from emery's first friday of spanish preschool. she was exhausted when i picked the girls up but loved it. i am excited for emery to be hearing spanish at such a young age. she talks about the singing, dancing and "the park" (she calls all playgrounds parks.)
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salt water sandals and sundresses. .. these girls are giving me a run for my money daily with their sassiness and energy but they sure are fun to dress!
emery we love you so much and hope you love school as much as the rest of your family. i had to make aaron stop getting degrees. . .
we love watching how much you want to be a big girl but you will always be our baby girl!


Pat and Patty said...

I love that you let her go!

The Boggs Family said...

...oh, but Darcy, you dress them so adorably!!!! :) :) How fun to have two girls at such close ages/stages where they want to be together. How amazing that Emery will be able to learn Spanish too, and the two of them will forever have that bond of a "sister language" together as well. :) Love it! I love the ways you go above n' beyond to give your kids incredible opportunities to make the best of this life.. hugs to you all!

The gFamily said...

I love that they get to go Spanish Preschool! That is so awesome! They look adorable as always, and they are both growing up way too fast! Sweet, sweet sisters!