Thursday, October 6, 2011

remembering summer

the first night we were at the coast this summer, we had such a cool experience on our walk out to the beach. . . we spotted tons of sea lions. i did not have my camera so cathy just sent me these pictures and i had to post them. it was such an amazing sight and a beautiful night. oh summer!
there is just something magical about the beach, sunsets, and family!


The Boggs Family said...

Oh my goodness... that 2nd picture with all the kids walking along the beach at sunset is incredible!! Totally agree; something so magical and stunning about the beach/ocean. Hope you guys are doing well! :) How is Emery liking Spanish pre school with big sis? ;)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures!! it was a sweet time.

love to all of you.
grandma and papa

Little Wonders' Days said...

What beautiful beach pictures! This looks like a wonderful family time.

About the shaving cream painted leaves: I think it can be done with a large group of kids. I would make sure you have extra adult hands and maybe try it at home first. It is very easy to do, but there is shaving cream and paint to deal with once you squeegee it off the leaf. We did it close to the sink and just rinsed it down the drain and wiped the squeegee dry. Hope this helps and have fun!