Friday, November 11, 2011

big date with Lulu to Seattle

we have been praying and working really hard to try and spend more time one on one with our kids. sometimes we have to be creative in our thinking. i had planned to travel with my volleyball team to Seattle for our last weekend of conference play. the weekend all came together when God spoke to me clearly and said bring lulu she needs some special mommy time! it was perfect. . . we planned to stay with my bestest friend from college and her family in their NEW house! so lucia and I traveled on the bus with the team and cuddled the whole way playing with her princesses and watching movies. . here three favorite things - cuddling - playing with little characters - and of course the movie watching! i loved focusing on just her and giving her my undivided attention!
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we went to avery's football game and she played more princesses but then the ultimate lulu request - "will you scratch my back lightly and then my arm lightly." i just held her and scratched every time she asked.
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the jones have chickens and a new chicken coop. . she loved it.
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our volleyball match was played here and the football game was here. . the girls felt like they were in the Harry Potter movies!
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we were so blessed to get buddy passes on the way home and stay an extra night and fly home.
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lucia i loved spending the weekend with just you! our big date as she called it was a success - just what we both needed.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet to have that time with our precious Lucia. We love u Lucy Lu.
papa and grandma