Friday, November 11, 2011

grammy's retirement!

Tiaras. . . Sparkles. . . Top Hats. . . Chocolates. . . Martinis. . .

It was an amazing party and celebration for Grammy. . . with a surprise anonymous 3 million gift to endow her position at Whitworth University! We are so proud of Grammy and loved Celebrating her years of hard work and passion! Aaron sang and I spoke to represent the family. Here is part of my speech. . .

Lessons I have learned from my mom. . .

  1. Always Match everything - even your cars!
  2. Decorate your house for every Holiday with theme dishes and furniture yep I said furniture!
  3. Always make time for PEOPLE above all else.
  4. Save money for traveling.
  5. Give Away your money to organizations and People you believe in.
  6. When your sad it is okay to go shopping for a new outfit.
  7. Gifts do not need to be expensive just thoughtful and usually home - made.
  8. Be nice to cats.
  9. Always order and make dessert.
  10. Family is everything.
  11. Spend quality time with your friends.
  12. Work Hard and Sleep little.
  13. Go to church.
  14. Make learning Fun and high interest for students.
  15. The only colors are yellow and red!
  16. Take pictures of everything.
  17. Live Life to its fullest every day

Love you mom!

The boys getting ready for the big party!

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amazing location at the Spokesman Review building. .
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aunt janet and uncle lovell made the trip to honor grammy!
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family photo. . promise the dress looked cuter in real life. .and hopefully i do too:)
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the margo martini. . . with glow sticks and flashing wands as stir sticks!
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the boys were the greeters
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mel got to come she made it just in time from her adventure in belize
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we love you so much grammy!

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Anonymous said...

WOW What an occasion that must have been. Congrats to Margo. Such handsome guys in tux and looking so grown up it blows me away. How could nine years go by so quickly? papa and grandma