Wednesday, January 18, 2012

three day weekends rock!

we had a full fun 3 day weekend!
on saturday night we took the boys out with janny and ryan to a fabulous Ethiopian restaurant.
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aaron took the boys and some friends from school to sky high and pizza. . the boys were in heaven.
here are a few of my favorite things these days. . .
the first picture is emery squeezing between aaron and i as we hug. every time we start to hug she sprints as fast as she can to squeeze in with us!
the second picture is of my new favorite thing to cook. . i can't get enough curry! who knew we all love it. . i am scouring the Internet for great curry recipes.
the third i think i may of featured before my leg warmers i have been living in them.
the last i have started writing the menu for the week on a platter. . . i can take no credit for this cute idea. . my friend carla is brilliant and so creative! it holds me accountable to cooking and grocery shopping early and the kids love knowing what's for dinner!
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welcome to the world joanna lee jarrett. . . i can't wait to get my hands on you!
every day we drive by emery's favorite horses. . so finally i took a picture so she can look at them anytime she wants on the phone.
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phone dump from the weekend. . . the restaurant. .. . creamer i brought to church. . . and we are now onto barbies in this house. . in this picture they are hot-tubbing in the middle of my kitchen. . . .
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oh sweet emery!
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on mlk day we had a family date and took emery to her first movie . . . the whole family saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D then visited a reptile store and sports store. . . perfect! k&k found t-shirts of their favorite QB's!
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lucia at the reptile store and emery with her packed bag for church. . it was the perfect family weekend. . .

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Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Lovely weekend. Lovely pictures. Beautiful family, as always! And I love that black bean pizza is on your menu too ;).