Thursday, January 12, 2012


there has not been a lot of snow here, yet it is definitely winter. . here are a few fun activities we have done! on new years day we went snow tubing with the buth famlily. it was a great morning even the girls had a blast!
we took the girls out to lunch the other day after preschool and there are just times i am mesmerized by lucias sheer beauty and cuteness!
on december 26th we headed to oregon to spend time with the mcmurray family and celebrate christmas. we had tons of cousin time!
i got to take emery on a special date with her friends maryn and kehne. we met at a coffee shop and walked to mobius. it was so fabulous to just have time with her and she loved the attention. she was so excited to be with kids her age and proud to have her own friends. emery decided she wants to have her birthday party at mobius which is perfect for a 3 year old party! i love this picture of the three of them.


Jen said...

Your kids are so precious. I love all your fav pics from last year. I love checking in over here. Happy New Year!

ryan & janny said...

Love the picture of Emery, Maryn, and Kehne!!! So cute!

The Boggs Family said...

Such cuties! ... and that last pic is darling - all 3 in those outfits could be kid right out of a catalog! :) So fun.. and I loved the pic of all the cousins together, too. :) Great memories & I'm stoked for you to have such great family on Aaron's side as well --- the memories & traditions you share on this blog are amazing coming from both sides. I'd say your fam hails from a deep bench of creative beauty & fun love in life. Think about you guys often even if I don't write or comment; I love keeping up with your blog! Hugs from OR. :)