Tuesday, December 10, 2013

october highlights

more fall . . .
 photo IMG_6167_zps656309a6.jpg
many walks at the dog park
 photo IMG_6203_zps5224fbe4.jpg
emery face painting at the her preschool fall festival with her dear teacher
 photo IMG_6188_zpsc1bf43bd.jpg
fun weekend with kiely's and edwards
 photo IMG_6110_zpsa084d8c1.jpg
halloween 2013
 photo IMG_6093_zpsa2dd805f.jpg
cake pop dates 
 photo IMG_6156_zps56c8738a.jpg
fall outfits
 photo IMG_6104_zpsb4d72f90.jpg
favorite halloween treats
 photo IMG_6103_zps78c2dc09.jpg
mt. hood sunrise
 photo IMG_6100_zps1aef3cb2.jpg
new short haircut
 photo IMG_6078_zps1c2d7aff.jpg
another ikea day
 photo IMG_6012_zps38879452.jpg
first day with the keys to the house
 photo IMG_6068_zps3d2d1cb7.jpg
quick get away to san diego
 photo IMG_6027_zpsdde6b2fe.jpg
practice at Portland Timbers field 
 photo IMG_6040_zpse1bb8406.jpg
fall and mt. hood
 photo IMG_6005_zps1f960d67.jpg
dinner out with the boys 
 photo IMG_6007_zps15eb1464.jpg
kinkade's turn at the Timbers game

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