Tuesday, December 10, 2013

september 2013

here are some quick highlights from september. . still trying to catch up!
 photo IMG_5914_zps8c085390.jpg
lots of soccer 
 photo IMG_6196_zpsc7220ef6.jpg
we have a great view of mt. hood
 photo IMG_5763_zpsdb09da35.jpg
lucia's heaven in a candy shop
 photo IMG_5798_zps615668cf.jpg
care free emery 
 photo IMG_5791_zps43d27d46.jpg
mt. taber picnics 
 photo IMG_5913_zps2a7b29ca.jpg
soccer in oregon
 photo IMG_5900_zpsa3c483ba.jpg
loving gymnastics and ballet
 photo IMG_5765_zps694dc030.jpg
candy shop dates with the cousins
 photo IMG_5847_zps80875dc6.jpg
sweet ballet class

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