Sunday, December 15, 2013

thanksgiving in spokane

we spent the whole week in spokane for thanksgiving. . .and it was bittersweet.  it was filled with birthday dinners, sleepovers, dinners out with friends, coffee dates, lunch dates, ice-skating, tons of play dates, birthday breakfasts, cuddling with grandparents, movies, ping pong, hikes, turkey bowl. . . it was full of family and friends and it was really rough coming back.
 photo DSC_0680_zpsa83821fa.jpg
hikes with Mel
 photo DSC_0690_zpse730101d.jpg
turkey bowl
 photo IMG_6287_zps75f5d38e.jpg
cuddling with grampy
 photo DSC_0691_zps6283911c.jpg
lucia the artist
 photo DSC_0694_zpsf2692e07.jpg
 photo DSC_0676_zpse78f4ce7.jpg
 photo IMG_6301_zps792283e9.jpg
all three in a twin bed 
 photo DSC_0672_zpsf4321929.jpg
making pumpkin pie with dad
 photo IMG_6336_zpsfb0b7fec.jpg

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