Friday, September 27, 2013

we found the beach with mel

our first adventure in oregon included meeting mel and her family at the beach.  the boys were with cousins on a camping trip, so the girls and i headed to the coast!
 photo IMG_5303_zps5f4c182b.jpg
 photo IMG_5337_zps86e9379e.jpg
 photo IMG_5317_zpsa7afd3b2.jpg
 photo IMG_5327_zpse90043a4.jpg
 photo IMG_5314_zps79219e0e.jpg
 photo IMG_5341_zps1ecc16df.jpg
 photo IMG_5326_zps7c6ea18f.jpg
 photo IMG_5352_zpsf94bdd8b.jpg
 photo IMG_5354_zps5073f8dc.jpg
 photo IMG_5355_zpsacec51ca.jpg

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