Monday, February 17, 2014

cousin adventures in portland

the highlight of moving to portland has been adventures with our cousins.  there is something unique and special about cousin relationships that has been amazing to watch.  thank God they are here! week long hiking and camping trip, gondola rides, city park pictures, trip to eugene for a tour of university of oregon. . . .
 photo IMG_6904_zps06a81087.jpg
 photo IMG_6903_zps12ef6b75.jpg
 photo IMG_6900_zpsf8e1b8f6.jpg
 photo IMG_6899_zps636e1c5e.jpg
 photo IMG_6905_zps2315fd83.jpg
 photo IMG_6906_zps3b43bfab.jpg
 photo IMG_6907_zps9070358b.jpg
 photo IMG_6891_zps83a3172b.jpg
 photo IMG_6892_zps6b5b3e07.jpg
 photo IMG_6897_zpsad863477.jpg
 photo IMG_6898_zpsf897aaee.jpg
 photo i-t3DKDGg-XL_zpse67991e4.jpg
 photo i-vZpKsd2-XL_zps3a8f60ce.jpg
 photo i-dSXtJQn-XL_zpsfd30e0cd.jpg

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