Friday, February 21, 2014

family. sunshine. ocean.

this could be my favorite day since we have moved to oregon.  on a whim adam and cathy invited us to head to the coast the next day b/c there was no school and it was supposed to be sunny.  we had basketball team plans, but decided that youth sports were not going to rule our life and we needed a family day. so we joined them and got up the next morning on a whim and drove to the coast.  it was glorious in every way, simply good for my soul.  the hiking was fun and the perfect length for everyone, even a 4 year old, the sun shone all day, the dogs had the time of their life, the cousins ran and laughed and the adults enjoyed a day of sun, family, and the beautiful ocean.
 photo DSC_0734_zps284a2db5.jpg
 photo i-CjWf2TK-XL_zps08dca79f.jpg
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