Sunday, February 9, 2014

january 2014

it feels like every january i have a post like this. . creative play inside.  keagan has been making pies, emery has been making play dough, lucia has been busy drawing, legos are everywhere, and we are getting caught up on appointments after the holidays.
 photo DSC_0697_zps09bfaa5e.jpg
 photo IMG_6768_zpsa500517a.jpg
 photo IMG_6782_zpsb88e6a1e.jpg
 photo IMG_6791_zpse51e7948.jpg
 photo IMG_6775_zpsd6643766.jpg
 photo IMG_6774_zps0b5b702d.jpg
 photo IMG_6787_zpsc028cf3a.jpg
 photo IMG_6796_zpsb791bd93.jpg
 photo IMG_6792_zps220f0611.jpg

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