Saturday, May 10, 2014

easter 2014

easter was beautiful and really hard. we had both sides of our family at our new home which was wonderful.  but we missed our church more than ever.  grammy came over early to fill our home with decorations, laughter, numerous easter activities and simply holiday joy!
 photo DSC_0288_zps46314a88.jpg
 photo DSC_0281_zpsd72b3a54.jpg
 photo IMG_7541_zps129c3230.jpg
 photo DSC_0292_zps39596314.jpg
 photo IMG_7537_zps1d9566ec.jpg
 photo IMG_7528_zps70746ba6.jpg
 photo DSC_0276_zps05c7c203.jpg
 photo DSC_0283_zpsc8174cd3.jpg
 photo DSC_0267_zps58b7bfe1.jpg
 photo DSC_0289_zps2f68d0b2.jpg
 photo DSC_0272_zps624786ec.jpg

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kinderbloggin6 said...

and your church missed you. love all the bunny fun your mom brought with her to portland, but my favorite picture is probably the boys easter outfits. tweens!