Friday, May 9, 2014

march 2014

it is green here in march. . . it is actually spring and feels and looks like it! the highlight of the beginning of march was the boys state tournament.  we made a trip to Bend with just the boys and they won the 5th grade State Tournament!!!!
 photo IMG_7272_zpsb09bd0be.jpg
 photo IMG_7270_zps43b59005.jpg
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 photo IMG_7261_zpsa4cda552.jpg
 photo IMG_7135_zps27b3afc8.jpg
 photo IMG_7145_zpsa53ca570.jpg
 photo IMG_7169_zps489597f9.jpg
 photo IMG_7290_zps12a5881d.jpg
Park dates - with tank tops and trees in bloom! This is what Spring is. 
 photo IMG_7280_zps228c96da.jpg
 photo IMG_7449_zps1e045503.jpg
the girls have starting making new friends. . . Yeah! 
 photo IMG_7198_zps89f8b50d.jpg
 photo IMG_7201_zpsfbd10c0a.jpg
note writing is a big thing around here. . this literacy teacher loves it! 

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