Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall at the McMurrays. . . 3 weeks into PGN!

Keep praying for Lucia. We have made it to 3 weeks in PGN today. Last week 6 families exited PGN at 7 weeks. And, 4 families got a previo (kicked out to fix the error and re-enter at week 0 again) at 4 weeks. Thanks for all your support and prayers. We can't wait to have this joyful little girl home with us.
We all love this picture. Look at that face. We have our flights books for the week of Thanksgiving. Our whole family is going to be with Lucia and spend Thanksgiving in Guatemala. We have so many pictures like this of her just crackin up. She is a laugher. Please God bring her home soon. . . .

Keagan and Kinkade dressed Mom up like a Mummy at there Pre-school Harvest celebration.
The boys in the leaves with visiting bear from pre-school.

Jumping in the leaves with Cinnamon!

Our great friends the Gilberts always throw a huge Fall party called the Hootenanny. Here are the boys and good friend Eli Armstrong at the Hootenanny. Favorite pose the muscle shot. I think we have 3 million pics just like this.
More Hootenanny. . .
Since I am staying home this year to bring Lucy home I get to go on all the field trips. We visited the pumpkin patch. This is a picture from the hay ride through the orchards with new friend Kyler.
We had a wonderful weekend last weekend enjoying the Fall. It has always been our favorite season since we were dating.

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Rachelle said...

Hello McMurrays--I am so glad you are 3 weeks into PGN--maybe half way there. I love the fall pictures--we love this season too. Love, Mulders