Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New pictures of Lucia October

I was so excited to see this e-mail in my inbox this morning. I really really needed a Lucia fix. She looks so big and so Happy! I can't get enough of those dimples. We should get her doctors appointment report and pictures this week also.


Grammy Sparkle said...

I also was needing a Lucy fix. I love the pictures and I especially love the smile!

We are waiting Lucy Jane.

grammy sparkle

Kathy Hansen said...

She just keeps getting cuter...


Rachelle said...

She is so cute--I just want to kiss those adorable cheeks.

Love, Mulders

lindsmurphy1 said...

She is really getting big! I cannot wait to meet her. Tell the boys happy birthday. It was so great seeing them last night as SpiderMEN. They are getting big too. Aaron was looking pretty atractive...that costume was incredible!

Anne said...


She looks so cute in her headband!! See you at Thanksgiving!