Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Three month doctor's appointment

Apparently she slept through her 3 month doctor's appointment. Of course she is dressed from head to toe in fleece:)

She weighs 10lbs 11 oz now. Still in 0-3 month clothing.
Surprise visit pictures at her Foster Mother's house. It looks like they woke her up. Again dressed from head to toe in a fleece outfit:) If it is pink and fleece it is on Lucia's body in Guatemala.

A little smile from our baby girl.
All of these pictures were taken the same day September 27th. Three days after we left Guatemala. She must of had her doctor's appointment and surprise visit on the same day. We had an hour long conference call with our agency last night. It was very mixed with what is currently happening in Guatemala with adoptions. The best news we heard was when the question was asked, "When is our adoption safe?" They replied, when you exit PGN, everything after PGN is through immigration in the US. So, if the amendment ( called the "grandfather clause") to the Ortega law does not pass for in process adoptions to continue after December 31st then we are still OK because PGN is almost never longer than 8-9 weeks. We just cannot receive a dreaded "previo" or we have to start over in PGN.
So please continue to pray that Lucia's file does not get a previo during it's PGN stay (our last post explains PGN.) We are almost one week in to PGN. I pray at least every 10 minutes for this situation and that our file flies through PGN and we get that long awaited phone call that she is legally our daughter and we have exited PGN. We love her so much.
This last few weeks have been really hard with all that is going on with Guatemalan adoptions. I have had a really hard time sleeping and I just feel deflated. Aaron and I both feel the stress of it all weighing down on us. There are so many moving variables to the laws, decisions, and amendments to the law. . . that it changes every day. I have been trying to keep informed, write, fax, call our senators, DOS, and UNICEF, but most of all I just pray God has a plan for Lucia and our family.
I have copied and pasted below Lucia's three month doctor's report if you are interested.
morning, I had the opportunity to review little Angela Daniela who has now, as you know, reached 3 months of age and continues to show a steady growth both in her size and also on her abilities, she is very alert and interested in all that goes on around her will turn her head when she hears sounds, and especially when she ears voices, she is vocal herself and will make some cooing noises of her own as well as now smiles socially, she shows voluntary control of her arms and legs and will alternate opening and shutting her hands as well as kicks and pushes with her feet, when on her stomach she will now, briefly, lift her head from the bed. The care giver shares with me that this little one takes well her formula and is also receiving her ordered vitamin supplement. Upon evaluation today I found her in good health with no obvious physical or neurological abnormalities, her weight is 10 lbs 11 oz, length of 52.6 cms and head circumference of 37.6cms.
Please find some pictures attached.
Best Regards


Rachelle said...

Darcy--I am so thankful that she is gaining weight and so healthy. We are praying for you all--what a hard time of waiting. We love you.


Anonymous said...

We wuv Baby Woosie! (That's what Tucker calls her in his Tucker language).
I love that you're keeping us all so posted. Thanks for keeping up the blog so faithfully. You guys have so much support and so many who love you. Baby Woosie is well loved!

We'll keep praying - please keep posting!
:) Carla

Anonymous said...

The pictures of her are so sweet. We know that this is so hard on you and Aaron. We are praying for your continued strength to wait this out and for peace so that you can sleep. We send our love.

Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. I love the picture of her sleeping. It reminds me so much of holding her and being with her in Guatemala. She is obviously loved and content.

Her three month report is perfect - gaining and becoming more herself. Actually, Darcy, I think she looks a little like you did at 3 months. Could that be?


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, love the new photos - she looks so peaceful and secure - that must give you some comfort - God does have the plan and it's already worked out - so sleep (while you can because once she is home you may not get as much rest...;)

much love

whitney tampien said...

Beautiful as always. We are faithfully praying for the PGN process to be as quick as possible, and also for God to give you guys strength during this hard waiting period. She will be worth the wait!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love you guys!! I can't handle all this cuteness..its just too much!! I can't wait to have another McMurray to play with so when the boys come up with some crazy idea and say "Kelsey, Kincade and I want to and there are two of us and one of you" then I can say..."Well Lucia and I don't want to and there are two of us as well!!"

Darce...she's perfect (tell you something you don't already know right?) thank you for including us all in this incredible journey

Psalm 46:10

Love Kels

lindsmurphy1 said...

I am always praying for you and that beautiful little girl in fleece! I send my love and hopes of a good nights sleep!

Stacy said...

I think our girls are 1 day apart. Our daughter was born on June 29th.
Praying for a fast process for you!

Grammy Sparkle said...

I am missing this sweet girl. Do you think we should try to go see her next weekend?