Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy First Birthday LuLu!

Our Favorite things about Lucia . .. Happy First Birthday!

Mom's favorite things about Little Missy Lu ~

* I love the way you put both hands over your ears to play peek-a-boo instead of your eye

* I love your open mouth kisses

* Your smile lights up a room, or Costco, or Target, or pre-school. . .pretty much everywhere we go you light up the room with your smile!

* I love it when you snuggle your head on my shoulder

* I love the way you start bouncing the second you see your Daddy because you know he is going to sing you a silly Lucy song

* I love that you are a GIRL!

* I love the way you wrestle only your brothers and no one else. .

* I love how you throw everything on the ground so you can say "Uh-Oh" in the sweetest voice

Daddy's favorite things about his little sugar ~

* I love that everything about you is pure JOY. . .smile. . . .laugh. . .eyes!

* I love the way you dance!

* I love the way you love to be held facing outward as if to say bring it on WORLD!

Keagan's favorites things about Luce the Goose ~

* I love Lucy's laugh

* I love how she throws her sippy cup on the ground and than says "uh-oh"

* I love to go to her room and get her up in the morning and from a nap!

* I love her chubby cheeks

Kinkade's favorite things about Little Lu

* I love that she is wild and crazy!

* I love her laugh!

* I love to play chase with her.


Kelsey said...

Happy Birthday Miss Lucy Lu!! I wish I could be there to give you birthday kisses...I guess your brothers will have to do it for me :-)

The Boggs Family said...

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY SWEET LUCY JANE! :) Thinking of you guys tons and hoping you're having an awesome weekend celebrating & (playing in Hoopfest??) :) Take care! Loved reading all of your faves. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great celebration!
Loved the B-day Tu-tu(s)!, the stomach cake and company were fabulous ~ a day to remember!


Lindsay Murphy said...

Happy 1st Birthday Lucy! So sorry I missed your party:( I heard it was fabulous. Great seeing you guys at Hoopfest today...hope you survived the heat!

Jason & Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Lucia! I love your smile in all your pictures!