Monday, June 23, 2008

Some sweet things. . .

Nothing sweeter than Daddy and his baby girl dancing the night away. . . and by accident matching!
Isn't the back of this dress so sweet?

My mom always brings me fresh beautiful flowers. She know how much I love to have fresh cut flowers around. . they make me so happy. Isn't this arrangement glorious. . . they are from her yard.
My mom let the boys pick out each bead special and then they made me this bracelet for my birthday. . . I think it will go with everything:)
My new BBQ silverware I got for my birthday. . . I absolutley love it. It will make their debut on Lucia's first birthdy party! Polka dots are the sweetest!
Some sweet wedding love!
Uncle Bryan gave the boys these new water bottles. . . they have not set them down since. They are so cute and work so well.
Sweet Fathers Day cards from Keagan and Kinkade. . . . I will have to post another time about the inside. Mrs. B. asked them questions about their dad and they had the sweetest answers.
Nothing like a good candle!
Heidi gave me this stationary. . . it couldn't be more ME! I want to plaster my house with it!
My friends Susan for a shower gift gave Lucia a gift certificate to have this print made at Piggies and Paws. We have a talented artist right here in town. Didn't it turn out so sweet with her little feet. I need to find the perfect place in her nursery for it. I think the boys need one done now. I love the matting of course aqua and brown to match the nursery.
Okay not so sweet. . ..


Party of 5 said...

I LOVE piggies and paws....
they have great designs for boys too! Very cute pics!
Miss you!
Lets chat soon! colleen

The Boggs Family said...

Sooo cute! That dress Lucia is wearing (with the yellow piping & bow) is the same dress we have for Maggie's first birthday! :) Too cute and perfect - I can't wait to hear/read more about what was inside the boys' Father's Day cards to Aaron. Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

Jason & Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Darcy! I hope you had a wonderful celebration with your family!